Across our nation, there is a growing number of people living their American Dream.

They are farmers, ranchers, fishermen, foragers, apiarists, and others who have chosen a rugged path to follow; one of hard work, often little money, but with infinite rewards. 

These are the people who have made it their lives’ passion to bring us great food…real food from real people

Their unique stories of reason, history, purpose, hard work, joys, sorrows and triumphs are wildly varied and unique.   They paint a picture that may shatter your preconceived notion of these unsung heros.

Real Food...from Real People is a collection of their stories that will entice you to seek out the story behind your own food and reap the rewards of their hard work!


Real Food .... from Real People

small family farms make up 91 percent 
of all U.S. farms